Welcome and General Introduction - Please read this.

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Welcome and General Introduction - Please read this.

Post  Admin on Wed May 27, 2009 7:59 am

Hello and welcome to the forum dedicated to Bandits, Brigands and Buccaneers. This forum is designed to help you the participant share your ideas and views, communicate with each other and inform the organisers of your thoughts on the event. The organisers are keen to receive feedback but remember the following points.

1. It is usually easier to point out something you didn't like rather than something you did. This does not mean don't criticise but please take a minute to point out a positive at the same time. Don't just say where things are wrong, let them know where things are right.
2. Whilst you might have an idea which seems on the surface totally reasonable the organisers might have a reason which prohibits it. They are the people who can see the big picture. It does not mean your idea or comment is unreasonable or even impossible but it may not be feasible to accomodate that area at this time. Please do make your comment though since if things aren't mentioned they can slip through the net.
3. Please keep it polite and adhere to the forum rules (see the administrative area for details).


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