Directed Play Tent ( Monster tent)

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Directed Play Tent ( Monster tent)

Post  Hassan (Barbary) on Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:53 am

Last year in Widley, Marin had short meetings with all the group repesentatives, this helped co ordinate the objectives and what was expected to happen thoughout the days.

Last Event Martin and his crew seemed to do more running around, then they may need to co ordinate, plot ties, boat trips ect.

I would like to suggest maybe a easier alternative, maybe settingh up a Directed Play tent with is for OOC
co ordiantion, Getting all group representive in a meeting every day say 10am to make sure player know to be in centre of town 2 pm as "some attack" may occur or to sigh up player to board the ship at 2.30, 4.30 ect.

this hopefully could keep things easier for the crew and organisers and everyone will know when "something"
to do, fight or react to will be?

The frount half could have a pin board with OOC information and the back could half of the tent could contain "Monsters".
If "Specials" are going to be used like cultist munks or ratman. could also be set up and briefed there.

Later Games/ Events could have a working Monster room where different pirate groups are asked to go and be masked/ facepainted and attack other groups.

The idea place for this tent could have been by the graveyard gate in the town.

Your thoughts, ideas?

Ram clown
Hassan (Barbary)
Hassan (Barbary)

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Monsters and directed players

Post  Hassan (Barbary) on Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:54 am

What do you guy think about monstering?
For thought who do not know what monstering is, some systems get players
to go out of charactor to play an unrealated, directed charactor, which is usally the bad guys, monsters,
messangers, important plot devices.
What I want to know is that would players and groups be up for monstering?

What could we be?

undead pirates?

Let me know
What you think?
Hassan (Barbary)
Hassan (Barbary)

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