Events Dates Next Year

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Events Dates Next Year

Post  Cap'n Mancer on Thu Nov 12, 2009 4:07 am

2010 Event Dates

28th to 31st May - Mount Edgcumbe, Plymouth
Pirate ship, plank walking, 2 landing beaches, at least 10 cannons firing, blockhouse prison, folly, temple, causeways and parkland.

25th to 27th June - Fort Amherst, Chatham
More cannons than anywhere else in the UK - not all will be firing, Barracks, batteries, magazines, guardhouses, caverns, woods and overgrown ruins

6th to 8th August - Fort Widley, Portsmouth
Napoleonic fort, complete with underground tunnels, caponiers, batteries and deep moats. Overlooking the harbour and Solent

17th to 19th September - Ashton Court, Bristol
Talk-like-a-Pirate Day weekend; going for the Guinness Book of Records

New registration forms will be appearing very shortly with all sorts of offers – Cruel (Yule) Tide Vouchers and £10 monthly standing orders entitling you to even more piratical stuff.

Again this should have headlined on the website homepage sooner but this will happen quicker when I’ve learnt Dream Weaver.

Loot n shoot well me hearties

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