The puir wee unmerried lassies

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The puir wee unmerried lassies

Post  Robert Mac Morgan on Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:31 am

Ye may rrecall me dooters an me were a-going back tae bonnie Scotland, fer they to git merried, an me tae git rrid o the pair o them.

Alas! The wee few monies we toiled and troubled to save, tae pay trravel and dowries were a-lost in a manner so dreidful I cannae prroperly recall it, save tae say there might have been a pub ainvolved, and a wee dram or thrree.

We shall have to start agin, so the puir wee lassies, all on thair lonesome in a perrr'lous worrld, save fer thair old decrep't pa, kin finally git merried and settled doon.

Robert Mac Morgan

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